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Mike Ullrich

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It is with permission that I share this real life story.

Written by Dee Ullrich, also a member.


My brother-in-law is Mike Ullrich. He is 64 years old. He had his first major heart attack at the age of 45. He has had 4 more after that one. He has 3 stents placed in his right coronary artery. He moved to Rutherford County from Texas in 2007. He started going to Lifestyles Gym quite some time ago. Apparently, it was a very good thing he did. Mike had another heart attack in August of this year. According to his cardiac surgeon, because he was as active as he was and in the physical shape he was, his heart developed enough circulation to the left side of his heart so that even though ALL his stents are completely blocked, he does NOT need heart surgery again and survived.


I took him for his cardiac check up since he is out of the hospital. He asked the Dr. If he could return to the gym. Only because he goes to Lifestyle he is allowed to return to the gym. The doctor's office was very aware of how clean and sanitized the gym is and they felt it would be safe for Mike to return. He was told if it was another gym, he wouldn't recommend it.

Congrats to Mike for keeping his heart as healthy as he possibly can, and congrats to Lifestyle for making your business safe for the public (even those of us that are more at risk than the rest). Gyms are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and Mike is proof of that!

WHAT our members SAY

One year ago this week,  I made a choice to join Lifestyles Wellness. I had promised myself for several years that I was going to join a gym. However, each time I went for a 6-month checkup I would either weigh the same or would have gained a few more pounds. I am so glad I finally made the choice to join. It has not been easy; I will be the first to admit that. A few weeks after I joined,  started going to the BOOM class, and with the support of Steven, Rosemary, and the other ladies in the class, I found the encouragement that I need to continue with this lifestyle change. I think joining the gym with a friend truly helped also. It is nice to have someone there with you to push you on. I think a combination of regular gym and the encouragement of the classes has helped me get where I am so far. I have lost 50 pounds, but I'm striving to lose another 50. This has been the best decision I have ever made as far as my health is concerned. I feel like a totally different person physically and mentally. Also, participating in the Lifestyle weight loss challenges has kept me accountable. Rosemary encourages me at each and every weigh in!


- Febie Keever

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