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One year ago this week,  I made a choice to join Lifestyles Wellness. I had promised myself for several years that I was going to join a gym. However, each time I went for a 6-month checkup I would either weigh the same or would have gained a few more pounds. I am so glad I finally made the choice to join. It has not been easy; I will be the first to admit that. A few weeks after I joined,  started going to the BOOM class, and with the support of Steven, Rosemary, and the other ladies in the class, I found the encouragement that I need to continue with this lifestyle change. I think joining the gym with a friend truly helped also. It is nice to have someone there with you to push you on. I think a combination of regular gym and the encouragement of the classes has helped me get where I am so far. I have lost 50 pounds, but I'm striving to lose another 50. This has been the best decision I have ever made as far as my health is concerned. I feel like a totally different person physically and mentally. Also, participating in the Lifestyle weight loss challenges has kept me accountable. Rosemary encourages me at each and every weigh in!


- Febie Keever

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