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the ramp effect...

Exercise and dietary changes that start out easy and ramp up week to week at just the right pace creating a smooth, satisfying and sustainable physical and health transformation! that sticks!

What's in a 12-week RAMP UP transformation program?

  • a custom designed 12 week exercise and nutrition coaching program for women who are restarting the fitness lifestyle

  • Amazingly effective and progressively challenging classes offered throughout the day in the gym and/or at-home on demand! Start at 30 minutes for first 2 weeks, 45 minutes for 4 weeks, and 60 minutes for the final 6 weeks

  • Nutrition coaching delivered through  in person​

  • Bi-weekly in person BOOST meetings to keep you focused and motivated!

  • A private online group for RAMP students and coaches to stay connected

  • A before and after weight, body fat and measurements assessment to document your transformation

  • Attendance tracking and reporting

  • A kick-off party to meet your tribe and coaches!

  • A graduation ceremony at the end of program to celebrate your success!

How long and how difficult are the Ramp classes?

Classes start at around 30 minutes for 2 weeks, go to 45 minutes for 4 weeks and then 60 minutes for the final 6 weeks. We start out with easy go to medium and end with hard but remember all Ramp classes are set at the right tempt for ladies who are making a return to the fitness lifestyle, so the word "hard" is relative to your fitness level. 

When are classes held? 

Tuesday/Friday 6:00am, Tuesday/Thursday 6:45pm.  Nutritional classes will be held every other Sunday at 4pm.  

What type of classes do you offer during the program?

Classes use circuit training stations with many different tools and forms of exercise that are personalized for you and fully accommodating for your level. You will be in a group but working at you own personal best level at all times. In other words you don't need to keep up with anyone in the group. Coaches move around the room working with students in the class. You can expect the following fitness dimensions to be in your regimen at given phases of the 12 week program: You work at a pace that your body is able to do. We teach you how to monitor your capabilities with either a heart rate monitor or using the Relative Perceived Exertion Borg Scale.

  • Cardio Endurance

  • Flexibility

  • Balance

  • Core and Strength

What kind of nutrition coaching is offered and what do I eat?

We promote a whole food/real food, macro-nutrient based model with low to no added sugar or processed foods. Macro-nutrient based means finding the right ratio of Carbs, Protein and Fats for YOUR body and then determining the target amount of calories you need to reach your fat-loss goals.


You can expect to eat normal and learn to eat the right portions naturally. We provide full coaching for a sugar detox that will boost your results.


How many days a week do I need to exercise?

We ask you to commit to at least 3 times a week over the 12 week program in the gym, at home or both, but the more the better. Working up to doing at least 30 minutes every day of the week is optimal. With at-home video classes and in-gym classes you have maximum accessibility.

Are their age restrictions for the in-gym plan?

14 with an adult in class.


What kind of access do I have to the Gym?

You have a unlimited access to the gym during your program!

What if I need to travel during the program?

We have you covered. At your request your Head Trainer will meet with you and customize a routine for you to follow away from the gym. You can use local gym, exercise in a park, on a beach, in a swimming pool or whatever else is available. And you can always do your RAMP video in your hotel room.

What are my transition options after I complete the Ramp program?

Our 12 week program is designed around a transition strategy. After completing Ramp you have excellent options to continue your personal journey: Here are the basic options:

1. Repeat Ramp if you need it

2. Group up with 2-3 other Ramp members and share the cost of a personal trainer​

3. Hire a personal trainer one-on-one

4. Continue at our gym using their regular programs

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