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To enjoy training and to train effectively you need to build up your "Workout Stamina"., So is all about Cardio Respiratory Endurance, Oxygen Uptake, Flexibility and Basic Strength Conditioning.


Classes include light cardio, stretching, standing core work and some light weight conditioning.

About Power Up

  • Who is this challenge designed for?

    • Men only

    • Men who have been out of conditioning

    • Men who need to lose 15-100 lbs or more

    • Men with injuries or chronic health issues

    • Men with low energy

    • Men with poor sleeping habits

    • Men with loss of strength

    • Men with depression. anxiety, and/or PTSD

    • Men who want to improve conditioning for an occupation

Expected Results:

  • Energy Utilization Improved

  • Oxygen Uptake (improved oxygen to the Brain)

  • Strength Gains

  • Increased Flexibility 


  • Improved Sleeping

  • Improved Psychological Health and Happiness!

Features & Tools

  • Starting and ending body fat assessment with a fitness test, measurements, metabolism and weight recorded

  • Nutrition coaching with options for meal planning and meal preparation based on your lifestyle and food budget

  • A kickoff meeting on evening of program start date

  • Attendance accountability and nutrition adherence

  • Workouts offsite and at home are credited toward attendance requirements

  • Dedicated private Facebook group, texting, phone and email support gives you direct access to the head trainer for all 8 weeks​



  • Log your workouts in the Power Up Attendance Log for visits to the gym and offsite workouts.

  • Do your best to attend BOOST meetings every other Saturday.

  • Do your best to attend the Kickoff Meeting on the eve of program.

  • Complete your starting assessment and measurements.

  • Complete your ending assessment within a week of the end of the program.

  • Maintain a Can Do attitude and be positive and encouraging to other students and trainers.

  • Try to exceed the baseline workouts to graduate by taking advantage of our video workouts at home or by engaging in walks or cycling or any other vigorous exercise equivalent to what we are doing in the gym.

  • Decide NOW that this is a NO MATTER WHAT commitment to take back your health and fitness and NEVER LOOK BACK! We will remind you of this over and over again! 

  • Decide NOW that your health and fitness and mental health is a HIGH PRIORITY

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